In a 7 to 4 vote early this morning, the Lakewood City Council approved an ordinance that will severely restrict homeowner association rights to sue developers for shoddy work.  The first ordinance of its type in Colorado, it is likely to face quick legal challenge. The ordinance passed after several amendments were made. We will review these amendments and explain the new law in more detail in later blogs. In the meantime, if your association is located within the City of Lakewood, you will want to seek legal advice prior to taking any action for any type of defect within your community.

2 responses to “Lakewood City Council Approves Ordinance Related to Construction Defects
  1. As I have previously stated, it seems that our Legislature should be able to adopt common-sense legislation the balances the needs and rights of the builders with the needs and rights of the owners, without unduly impacting either. C’mon people: It shouldn’t have to be this difficult in these United States. Why is everything so adversarial?
  2. I hope people that are injured sue negligent builders, with the thought that the Courts will revisit this issue.
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