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Recent Publications by ACL

HOA Liens For Sale

The list below will provide you access to a list of association assessment liens belonging to our clients on properties that are currently in public trustee foreclosure. The list, in PDF format is searchable by foreclosure sale date, county, public trustee sale number or property address. We have liens in Cripple Creek that may beGo to Resource

Understanding Homeowner Association Insurance

MASTER POLICY Master policies are a form of property and liability insurance carried by associations that the members pay for as part of their assessments.  Master policies typically cover common elements in a community as well as portions of units at times.  State laws pertaining to condominiums and most project legal documents creating condominiums requireGo to Resource

CCIOA – Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act

38-33.3-102. Legislative declaration.(1) The general assembly hereby finds, determines, and declares as follows: (a) That it is in the best interests of the state and its citizens to establish a clear, comprehensive, and uniform framework for the creation and operation of common interest communities; (b) That the continuation of the economic prosperity of Colorado isGo to Resource
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