It has been quite some time since the HOA industry in Colorado has seen as much legislation as we saw this year!  Of the 13 bills signed by the Governor, three pertain to public policy, which is a clear trend in legislative goals:  HB24-1091 – Fire-hardened building materials, HB24-1152 – ADUs (accessory dwellingGo to Resource
May is Mental Health Awareness month. The HOA industry brings many struggles, stresses, and mental health difficulties to all involved. As a way to help steer our minds towards a more positive approach to this ever-challenging industry, we are reposting “Life Lessons” by Melissa Garcia. This article provides Melissa’s insights into what keepsGo to Resource
Although many concluded that the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) applies to homeowners associations, we now have verification of this.   On April 18, 2024, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCen”) issued 16 new FAQs and updated two more.   Under Category C, question C.10 of the FAQs, a Q&A was added confirming that CTA requirementsGo to Resource
Community associations have been scratching their heads as to the difference between service animals and emotional support animals. Federal law provides for the definition of service animals, but there is very little guidance when it comes to emotional support animals. This can be problematic for associations who may unknowingly be implementing discriminatory practices.Go to Resource
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