Elina Gilbert

Shareholder in Charge of Practice & Education Dept. Head

Phone: 303.991.2010
Elina Gilbert has practiced community association law for 20 years with Altitude Community Law, PC., with an emphasis on transactional issues such as insurance, document amendments, and real estate matters. Elina is Shareholder in Charge of Practice and oversees the Altitude Community Education (“ACE”) program for over 10 years, a critical part of the firm’s mission statement and overall brand. Overseeing ACE involves creation, preparation, and presentation of 25+ programs per year, including lunch forums, webinars, and full-day classes that provide managers with CMCA and Real Estate credits. She also heads up the firm’s monthly E-Newsletter, which is nationally circulated. Elina is a frequent speaker on both a local and national level, which includes CAI Law Seminars, attorney courses through the National Business Institute, national webinars through HOALeader.com, and state classes and webinars through ACE and local CAI Chapters. Elina was inducted into the College of Community Association Lawyers (“CCAL”) in 2010, which represents an elite group of attorneys determined to be the most qualified experts in the HOA industry. Elina is also a member, and current chair, of the CCAL Law Seminar Planning Committee, which develops and creates the annual Law Seminar for HOA attorneys around the country. When Elina is not practicing law, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, doing crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, working out, taking walks, and dreaming of the day the law will allow her to have a pet moose.

B.A., University of Michigan Ann Arbor – 1993
Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law – 1997

Professional Organizations:
Michigan Bar Association – Since 1997
Community Associations Institute – Since 2000
College of Community Association Lawyers – Since 2010
Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Committee – Since 2015
Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Planning Committee Co-Chair- 2019 Law Seminar

Published Articles:

Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Planning Committee Co-Chair- 2019 Law Seminar

Do You Have the Qualities of the Greatest Condo/HOA Board Members?

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:


11/4 – Little Known Facts About CCIOA, the Nonprofit Act, and the Condominium Act

11/10 – Using Your “Experts”

12/2 – Ask the Experts – Free For All



01/12 – 2021—Year in Review

01/19 – Required and Recommended Policies—Do You Have Them?

02/09 – Insurance Deductibles—Who Pays?

02/24 – CCIOA v. Nonprofit Act 

04/13 – The Master and Subassociation Relationship

05/11 – Insurance Refresher

06/22 – A Smorgasbord of Legal Stuff

07/07 –Dotting Your i’s and Crossing Your t’s When it Comes to Membership Meetings, Elections, and Actions Outside of Meetings

08/04 – Townhomes and Condos and Paired Homes—Oh My!

08/10 – Budget Ratification Process: Pre and Post-CCIOA 

08/24 – CCIOA v. Nonprofit Act 

10- 12- Communications—When is it Enough, when is it Too Much, and When is it Too Little?

11/03 – Test Your Knowledge:  How Well Do You Know HOA Law?

12/01 – Ask the Experts—Free For All











Recent Publications by Elina B. Gilbert

So, You Want to Switch Parking Spaces?

Has your community ever encountered a situation where two, or more, owners ask to switch their assigned parking spaces, carports, or garages?  If that’s the case, the first step is to check your declaration to determine if a process is provided for accomplishing these tasks.   Oftentimes, declarations are silent on this issue, and boards areGo to Resource

Ho Ho Ho!! Are Your Rules Ready for the Holidays?

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time for pumpkins, reindeer, snowmen, and other types of holiday décor to be displayed in communities!  But is your community ready for all the décor and are your rules adequate to control it? Below are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to rules addressing holiday décor: Do’s: DoGo to Resource

Random Red Flags

Sometimes we get so used to doing things the way we’ve always done them; we don’t notice (or know to notice) that something is off.  In an HOA context, red flags are often missed because they are legal in nature and hidden in the course of ordinary business. Below are a few random red flagsGo to Resource

Special Assessments and the Budget Ratification Process

Since July 1, 2018, when the CCIOA budget process was made applicable to pre-CCIOA communities, there continues to be confusion and unclarity with respect to the CCIOA budget process and especially if and how it applies to special assessments.  The purpose of this article is to help clarify both the budget process and special assessmentGo to Resource

HB 1310 has been making its way through the legislative process and Passed 3rd Reading in the Senate on June 10, 2021 with no amendments.  This means the bill will be, if not already, sent to the Governor for signature.   How will this bill impact associations?  For one, it will require current rules pertaining toGo to Article

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