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Elina enjoys variety – and community association law provides exactly that. Her knowledge and years of experience in community association law has allowed Elina to provide practical, economical, and creative solutions to clients. She has a knack for explaining complex documents and legal issues in a way, whether in person, by phone, in a letter, or in front of a classroom, that removes the legalese and allows board members and managers to understand the issue at hand.

B.A., University of Michigan Ann Arbor – 1993
Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law – 1997

Professional Organizations:
Michigan Bar Association – Since 1997
Community Associations Institute – Since 2000
College of Community Association Lawyers – Since 2010
Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Committee – Since 2015
Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Planning Committee Co-Chair- 2019 Law Seminar

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:
5/02 – Pre v. Post CCIOA Communities- What’s the Difference?
5/20 – Legal Issues for Condominiums and Homeowners Associations (Audio Webinar- National Business Institute)
5/22 – Navigating the Statutory Muck and Legalese
6/25 – Around the HOA World in 8 Hours- Part 1
7/11 – Jeopardy- The Rematch!
7/17 – Contracts Refresher (Webinar)
7/30 – Manager License Exam Prep Course
8/27 – Navigating the Statutory Muck and Legalese
9/11 – Insurance Requirements for Pre and Post-CCIOA Communities (Webinar)
9/24 – Around the HOA World in 8 Hours- Part 2
10/9 – Contract Terminations- What You Need to Know (Webinar)
10/22 – Manager License Exam Prep Course
11/07 – Fees- How Much Can We Impose?
11/21 – Navigating the Statutory Muck and Legalese
12/5 – Ask the Experts

Posts by Elina B. Gilbert

Colorado Fair Housing Act Adds A New Protected Class: HOA Board Members

State and Federal Fair Housing designated protected classes overlap quite a bit, but Colorado Fair Housing laws have always boasted a few extra protected classes, including the most recent one: HOA Board Members. According to Representative Want T. Serve, “it’s time to protect the underdog! HOA Board Members are one of the most disliked classesGo to Resource

Over the last year, lots of industry professionals were wondering what would happen with manager licensing and whether it would actually sunset on June 30, 2019. Many predicted new legislation would be introduced in 2019 extending the CAM program, with perhaps a few tweaks. For those of you who predicted new legislation, you were correct.Go to Article

For those associations that have successfully obtained judgments against delinquent owners, one of the best tools out there to collect on the judgment is the garnishment. Associations can garnish bank accounts, wages, and in some cases, other assets to get paid. House Bill 1189 (HB-1159) is a wage garnishment reform bill that seeks to lowerGo to Article