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Elina Gilbert has practiced community association law for 24 years with Altitude Community Law, PC., with an emphasis on transactional issues such as insurance, document amendments, and real estate matters. Elina has overseen the Altitude Community Education (“ACE”) program for over 17 years, a critical part of the firm’s mission statement and overall brand. Overseeing ACE involves creation, preparation, and presentation of 25+ programs per year, including manager and board member webinars and half-day classes that provide managers with CMCA credits. She also heads up the firm’s monthly E-Newsletter, which is nationally circulated. Elina is a frequent speaker on both a local and national level, which includes CAI Law Seminars, attorney courses through the National Business Institute, national webinars through HOALeader.com, and state classes and webinars through ACE and local CAI Chapters. Elina was inducted into the College of Community Association Lawyers (“CCAL”) in 2010, which represents an elite group of attorneys determined to be the most qualified experts in the HOA industry. Elina served as co-chair of the CCAL Law Seminar Planning Committee between 2018 and 2021, which developed and created the annual Law Seminar for HOA attorneys around the country, and currently serves on the CCAL Board of Governors and as a member of the CCAL Admissions Committee. When Elina is not practicing law, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, doing crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, working out, taking walks, and dreaming of the day the law will allow her to have a pet moose.

B.A., University of Michigan Ann Arbor – 1993
Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law – 1997

Professional Organizations:
Michigan Bar Association – Since 1997
Community Associations Institute – Since 2000
Fellow of the College of Community Association Lawyers – Since 2010
Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Committee:  2015 -2021
Community Associations Institute, Law Seminar Planning Committee Co-Chair- 2018-2021
Admissions Committee into College of Community Association Lawyers – Since 2022
Board of Governors for College of Community Association Lawyers – Since 2023

Published Articles:

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Common Ground Magazine March/April Edition 2024: High Times

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

CAI Webinar – Budding Issues: How Community Associations Can Prepare for Legalized Marijuana – May 29

Altitude In-Person Class- A Smorgasbord of Legal Stuff – June 25

Altitude Webinar – Amending Your Governing Documents — Best Practices – July 11

Altitude Webinar – Statutory Default Provisions—When Documents are Silent, what is the Answer? – August 1

Altitude In-Person Class – CCIOA v. Nonprofit Act – August 20

Altitude Webinar – Insurance — Policy Exclusions and Endorsements – September 5

Altitude Webinar – Sneaky Governing Document Provisions that Can Bite You in the Booty – October 3

Altitude Webinar –10 Myths About Meetings, Proxies, and Voting – November 7








Recent Publications by Elina B. Gilbert

The Art of Taking Meeting Minutes

Taking good meeting minutes is a bit of an art form; on the one hand, minutes should be brief (hence the term “minutes”), but on the other hand minutes need to contain enough information to accurately report all actions that took place during the meeting. So, what is the secret to taking good meeting minutes?Go to Resource
Although many concluded that the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) applies to homeowners associations, we now have verification of this.   On April 18, 2024, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCen”) issued 16 new FAQs and updated two more.   Under Category C, question C.10 of the FAQs, a Q&A was added confirming that CTA requirements apply toGoGo to Resource

Director Elections—What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Director elections are one of the most important powers association members have, so it makes sense that owners take elections seriously.  Whether voting in an election and/or running for the board, the process and its results are personal to association members.  Therefore, any appearance of impropriety or error in the process is oftentimes met withGo to Resource
The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) has been the hot topic of discussion among HOA industry professionals, with many having concerns as to who will handle the registration process and updates.  But has this concern been for naught?    Possibly, as a federal court in Alabama has recently ruled that the CTA is unconstitutional. On March 1,GoGo to Resource
In 2018, HB 18-1128 was passed to strengthen protections for consumer data privacy, which required any entity maintaining personal identifying information (“PII”) to adopt a written policy setting forth a process for the security and destruction of paper and electronic documents containing personal identifying information. Personal identifying information includes, but is not limited to, socialGoGo to Resource
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