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Below, check out the most recent news and in-depth insight by our Altitude Team:

In order to successfully enforce the association’s governing documents, the board needs to be familiar with options for enforcement, factors in successful enforcement, the criteria for valid and enforceable rules, and much, much more. Make sure to review our updated article Successful Enforcement of Covenants, Rules, and Architectural Standards/Guidelines. This comprehensive enforcement article will helpGo to Article

As a result of the Global Pandemic, Colorado’s legislative season of 2020 was thrown into chaos.  Many bills that were introduced were either delayed, stripped down or pulled by the bill sponsor.  Last year’s CCIOA Transparency Responsibility Competency bill, HB20-1333, was no exception.  With an extra year to work on the bill, Rep. Brianna TitoneGo to Article

An association reached out to our office when a contractor installing fiber-optic cables through a contract with a nearby school district, damaged their underground irrigation lines installed under a public right of way as a result of their excavation activities.  The Association incurred thousands of dollars’ worth of damage as a result of the contractor’sGo to Article

Last week, we posted a blog about the Top 3 Best Collection Remedies You Should Have In Your Governing Documents. Unfortunately, there are often some limitations in many association’s governing documents that should be removed for more effective collections. Here are our top 3: Low caps on late fees: The purpose of late fees isGo to Article

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