Introduced January 31, 2024 by Representative Naquetta Ricks, the proposed bill, HB24-1158, would severely hamper an HOA’s efforts to foreclose for unpaid assessments.  The bill proposes that prior to turning over a delinquent account to collections or to an attorney for legal action, an HOA must send a notice to the owner thatGo to Resource
As the primary foreclosure attorney at Altitude Community Law, I am often asked to explain judicial foreclosures.  There are a lot of moving parts in a foreclosure, and your average citizen is often unfamiliar with the process.  And, because it is human nature to shy away from the unfamiliar, board members and communityGo to Resource
When a Board becomes aware of a Public Trustee foreclosure proceeding, their first question is usually “What does this mean for us?” If the homeowner is delinquent in their assessments, then the Association has a lien against the property. Assuming it is the first mortgage foreclosing against that homeowner (as opposed to aGo to Resource
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