loading… Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,                                                                                           Sign/Flags and Solar with EV and Inspections Xeriscaping, Meetings, Enforcement and More Now you must physically post on their doors! No daily late fees and payment plans of 18 months $25 minimums and lots of other foreclosure stuff Changes have come in all forms, don’t youGo to Resource

loading… Community associations in need of a handyman or other services may turn to hire homeowners or community residents to do small jobs within the community on an ongoing basis.  The association may be tempted to automatically consider the individual to be an “independent contractor” rather than an employee in order to avoid payments suchGo to Resource

loading… In order to successfully enforce the association’s governing documents, the board needs to be familiar with options for enforcement, factors in successful enforcement, the criteria for valid and enforceable rules, and much, much more. Make sure to review our updated article Successful Enforcement of Covenants, Rules, and Architectural Standards/Guidelines. This comprehensive enforcement article willGo to Resource

loading… Why is communication important? Lack of communication or ineffective communication can damage any relationship.  If I fail to communicate at all then I lose credibility, create suspicion or mistrust, and potentially cause or perpetuate conflict. On the other hand, if I communicate ineffectively, thenit makes no difference what I say as it will eitherGo to Resource

loading… Last week, we posted a blog about the Top 3 Best Collection Remedies You Should Have In Your Governing Documents. Unfortunately, there are often some limitations in many association’s governing documents that should be removed for more effective collections. Here are our top 3: Low caps on late fees: The purpose of late feesGo to Resource

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