loading… A recent article in the Denver Post outlines the benefits of including philanthropy in a company’s initial business plan.  The thought is that by including philanthropy in the company’s organizational makeup from the beginning community engagement will develop as an organic part of the organization.  This will allow a young business to align itselfGo to Article

loading… In a recent articles in the Denver Business Journal, Sarah Hogan outlines the benefits of a “partnership charter” in building a platform for the long-term success of your business.   The article recognizes the roles of attorneys, accountants, and business advisers in structuring a new business for success, but highlights that fundamental issues such asGo to Article

loading… The Northern Colorado Business Report has reported that the University of Northern Colorado intends to launch a new business incubator.  The incubator will be aimed at mentoring the owners of new startup businesses in an effort to foster economic development in the area. The program will assist entrepreneurs throughout Northern Colorado and offer aGo to Article

loading… Are you considering staring a new business venture?  Statistics suggest that the failure rate for a new business can be as high as 50%.  In a recent Entrepreneur article, Martin Zwilling offers the following top 10 reasons why first time entrepreneurs fail: No written plan.  Developing a written plan requires discipline and the developmentGo to Article

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