Entrepreneurs.  Start-up companies.  Joint ventures.  High tech.  Lawyers?  The people driving growth of small businesses today often share common characteristics: they’re creative, visionary, optimistic, and goal-oriented.  They move fast and get things done.  They dislike formality, red tape and lots of documentation.  These common traits may explain why entrepreneurs too often fail to hire orGo to Article

In many ways starting a new business venture is the functional equivalent of a marriage between business partners.  In a recent article, Valerie Khoo outlines the Perils of Business Partnerships and discusses the following seven stages for consideration when contemplating a potential business partnership: Stage 1: Pre-Marriage Counseling.  This is the preliminary stage in theGo to Article

In Colorado, the most common entities for new businesses are the sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company; and corporation.  When considering which structure is right for your new business you should consider the following factors: (i) the extent owners are protected from personal liability; (ii) your desired management structure; (iii) the easeGo to Article

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