HOA Liens For Sale

The list below will provide you access to a list of association assessment liens belonging to our clients on properties that are currently in public trustee foreclosure. The list, in PDF format is searchable by foreclosure sale date, county, public trustee sale number or property address. We have liens in Cripple Creek that may beGo to Resource
Freedom of speech is the right to state one’s opinions or ideas without suffering punishment or censorship from the government.  It is important to remember that associations are not the government; therefore, while many homeowners wish to express their opinions, political or otherwise, through signs, flags, and banners, associations have the absolute right (with aGo to Resource
Almost every year this firm publishes an April Fools’ article to get folks laughing and take their minds off the daily grind.  Last year, due to the morose state of the world, we did not feel it was appropriate to publish such an article; this year, although things are much better, we are still strugglingGo to Resource

Turning Bad Documents into Good Ones

INTRODUCTION A community association’s governing documents – its Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Declaration of Covenants – typically fall within three categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Take this quick self-test to determine where your documents fall: Yes  No Q   Q  Our association’s covenants contain declarant or developer rights that never expire orGo to Resource

Discrimination: An Overview of the Federal Fair Housing Act and a Study of Discrimination Claims Filed Against Associations

Introduction At one point or another many associations have had discrimination charges filed, or threatened to be filed, against them for violations of either the Fair Housing Act or their state-specific anti-discriminatory laws.  In some cases, the discrimination is obvious. For example, an association that refuses people of a particular religious faith to use theGo to Resource
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