Understanding Homeowner Association Insurance

MASTER POLICY Master policies are a form of property and liability insurance carried by associations that the members pay for as part of their assessments.  Master policies typically cover common elements in a community as well as portions of units at times.  State laws pertaining to condominiums and most project legal documents creating condominiums requireGo to Resource
An association’s maintenance and insurance obligations are typically set forth in its governing documents, and ideally should be contained in the declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions.  Although one might expect that a board member, manager, or homeowner would be able to read their communities’ governing documents and find answers to questions concerning their maintenanceGo to Resource

How to Handle a Water Leak

The last phone call an Association or its manager wants to receive is a call where the owner says “I have a water leak.” However, these calls happen and the Association must be prepared to efficiently and effectively deal with the situation.  While leaks occur in all types of communities, single family, townhome, and condominium,Go to Resource
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