Freedom of speech is the right to state one’s opinions or ideas without suffering punishment or censorship from the government.  It is important to remember that associations are not the government; therefore, while many homeowners wish to express their opinions, political or otherwise, through signs, flags, and banners, associations have the absolute right (with aGo to Resource

Successful Enforcement of Covenants, Rules and Architectural Standards/Guidelines

I.       INTRODUCTION A. Community associations use covenants, rules, and architectural standards/guidelines to: Maintain, preserve, enhance, and protect the property values and assets of the community. Preserve the common scheme and harmonious design of the community. Promote harmonious community living. B. Covenants and rules and the fair enforcement are essential for community associations forGo to Resource
As Spring quickly approaches, many homeowners will begin making upgrades and repairs to their homes and landscaping. Oftentimes these homeowners forget that prior to commencing work on their property they need to get approval from their HOA. With so many violations about to occur, what is the process that an association must follow to addressGo to Resource
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