Cigarettes and Condominiums – What’s A Board To Do?

Zack’s downstairs neighbor, Ellen, has had another bad day at her stressful job as a mortgage processor. Although Zack hasn’t actually spoken with Ellen since she’s come home from work, he knows that she is not happy. How does he know this? Because Ellen only smokes when very frustrated and his luxury condominium now smellsGo to Resource

Avoiding Common Covenant Enforcement Defenses

At one time or another, most associations are faced with the necessity of taking an owner to court to enforce restrictive covenants. The law in Colorado is that restrictive covenants must be enforced by the courts as written and the usual method of judicial enforcement is to request that the court issue an injunction. AnGo to Resource

10 Vital Components for Architectural Review Forms

A major objective of the architectural review process is to have in place guidelines and procedures that are perceived by homeowners to be fair and reasonable. After all, if owners perceive the process as fair, they are much more likely to voluntarily comply with those guidelines and procedures. The use of forms can and shouldGo to Resource
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