A service animal, as opposed to an assistance animal, requires training and certification; until now, there have only been two types of animals that qualified as service animals:  dogs and miniature horses/ponies.   But as of April 1, 2022, another animal has been determined to qualify as a service animal: The Moose! “Although big andGo to Resource
Advances in technology have resulted in increased quality and simplistic installation for camera systems at reduced pricing.  As a result, camera systems continue to gain popularity, and the use of cameras in homeowner associations is becoming ever more common.  However, the installation and use of these systems also have the potential to create liability.  ThisGo to Resource
Shareholder Elina Gilbert recently received the Community Associations Institute (“CAI”) 2020 Best Manuscript of the Law Seminar Award, along with her co-author Kevin Hirzel of Hirzel Law. Their presentation, “How Legal is it Anyway – Tips for Dealing with Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana Use in Community Associations”, was selected from dozens of community association lawGo to Resource
By Amanda K. Ashley Esq. As we continue embracing our lives and living “la vida covid,” we have few economic certainties. Here’s what we do know: collection of assessments in Colorado has slowed but has not stopped, lender foreclosures in Colorado are being significantly delayed, and many of our friends and neighbors are struggling withGo to Resource
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