Missy Hirst

(she· her· hers) Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 303.991.2016
My Favorite Thing about Altitude Community Law P.C. is:

The Firm’s constant desire to improve. It’s awesome!

The most challenging part of my job is:

The Firm’s constant desire to improve. It’s exhausting!

The last thing I learned at work was:

How to search for an association’s active board members.

A Word I would use to describe our Firm culture is:


Recent Publications by Missy Hirst

Happy Holidays and Seasonal Self-Care Greetings!

Happy Holidays and Seasonal Self-Care Greetings! I like “to-do” lists.  They keep me organized, on schedule, and it kickstarts my heart to check something off the lists when complete.  During the holidays, my lists get a bit longer than usual,  but that’s okay.  If it’s on the lists, I will make sure it gets done.Go to Resource

Let’s start the new year by practicing more civility towards one another.  Let’s act the way we want our kids to act.  When watching little ones playing together in a sandbox, what do you see?  Children sharing toys and tools.  Communication, both verbal and nonverbal.  Kids watching one another and getting new ideas based onGo to Resource

The Healing Process

While I celebrate 2020 now being in the past, I send you best wishes for a successful 2021. May we all have toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hope, and optimism in abundant supply in this new year. Last year was the year that was broken, in many cases. It was the year of broken concert toursGo to Resource

Hey, boss, my coworker just cleared her throat twice.  Can you send her home? As a manager in a pre-COVID office environment, what would you have done?  Maybe nothing.  Overreaction by a manager could have been seen as invading someone’s personal space and intruding upon someone’s private health concerns. However, during a pandemic, it isGo to Resource

Get over yourself.  They don’t exist.  So, let’s focus on priorities instead. As the Legal Administrator for Altitude Community Law P.C., my style, like many others in management, has always had an emphasis on being fair.  Company policies provide expectations of all employees, regardless of Department and regardless of rank.  Client servicing expectations do notGo to Resource

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