At Altitude Community Law, it’s important that we keep our clients up to date with the most recent information in the community association industry. As part of our educational strategies, our webinars and other content will give you deeper insight into the intricacies of community association law. We believe that the right attitude stems from being well versed in the knowledge necessary for community association operations, governance, and enforcement.

Check out our ACE Webinars and educational offerings below. Or, you can also search the videos by topic on our Altitude Community Law YouTube Channel, under the playlists tab.

Anatomy of a Water Leak Webinar

Unfortunately, water leaks are inevitable—it’s not the question of if, but when. If you have ever dealt with a water leak in your community, you already know what a ...nightmare it can be (especially in stacked condominium communities)! The struggle begins with figuring out the origination of the leak and continues with trying to determine how it originated, whether there was negligence, and who has the obligation to repair what components. On top of that, let’s add insurance into the mix to complicate things, as associations still have to review and determine insurance obligations and whether a claim needs to be filed. In this webinar we will discuss a step-by-step process to follow and provide you with tools to help figure out how to handle water leaks in your community.[+] Show More
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