Let’s start the new year by practicing more civility towards one another.  Let’s act the way we want our kids to act.  When watching little ones playing together in a sandbox, what do you see?  Children sharing toys and tools.  Communication, both verbal and nonverbal.  Kids watching one another and getting new ideas based on what they see others doing.  You know, adults could learn a lot from kids playing in the sandbox.

As a professional, is it easy for you to share your “toys” and tools with others?

  • Recommend to a coworker a cool new app you think they would enjoy.
  • Tell a peer about a shortcut you’ve recently discovered in the software.
  • Share a workaround to a challenge of which your coworkers may not be aware.

How are your verbal and nonverbal communication skills at work?

  • When a miscommunication occurs, correct the information and then immediately ask for feedback as to how the intel could have been provided more clearly.
  • If surprised when coworkers ask you to clarify your meaning, try overcommunicating by providing the why, what, when, and how each time.  What you believe to be obvious may not be.
  • When having a bad day at the office, do others know?  Your nonverbal communication may be screaming loudly, which is unfortunate for your coworkers.  Mind your office manners.

How much time do you spend at the office watching others and gaining new ideas as a result?

  • Schedule a brainstorming session with staff not normally included in that type of exercise.
  • If someone at work is really good at something, ask them to teach you their process.
  • Consider a “shadowing” program for your office, where someone can sit with a coworker (socially distanced) and watch how they do what they do.

For an additional incentive to consider the impact of civility (or incivility, unfortunately) on the workplace, here’s a great article:  https://meshdiversity.com/the-power-of-civility/

Civility has such a positive impact on the workplace, and the repercussions of incivility for a business can be far reaching.  Be one of the good kids in your workplace sandbox!  Share your toys and tools.  Communicate well, both verbally and nonverbally.  Watch others and gain new ideas based on what you see.

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