Boards are often not focused on delinquencies during the last few months of the year. Annual meetings and budget planning take up a lot of time and so do the holidays when we are all focused on friends and family.

Now that it’s January, many boards are starting to focus back on the normal day to day business of their association, like delinquencies. Let us help you get back up to speed!

Status reports for all your active collection matters at our office are available here.

We make every effort to make our status reports easy to read but we also understand that sometimes you have additional questions. Our debt recovery attorneys are available to (virtually) attend board meetings, free of charge, to discuss the status of any active collection matter or to discuss the collections process in general.

Would your board like a refresher on how the collections process works? Do you have questions about the status or options for specific delinquencies? Get your questions answered! Contact me or any of our debt recovery attorneys at 303-432-9999, or email [email protected],  to schedule our attendance at an upcoming board meeting.

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