Get over yourself.  They don’t exist.  So, let’s focus on priorities instead. As the Legal Administrator for Altitude Community Law P.C., my style, like many others in management, has always had an emphasis on being fair.  Company policies provide expectations of all employees, regardless of Department and regardless of rank.  Client servicing expectations do notGo to Article

2018 Life Lessons Series Recently Melissa Garcia wrote a blog sharing some HOA Life Lessons we should consider for 2018. Those lessons were meant for both reflection and action in our HOA pursuits. Wanting to take this a step further, Altitude Community Law would like to share some other Life Lessons throughout the year, andGo to Article

“Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon Truth. And as we’re starting 2018, I’m here to tell you one thing… go get a life! And by that I don’t mean the manic pursuit for a bigger paycheck, larger house, or faster car. What I mean is reflect onGo to Article

The Northern Colorado Business Report recently reported that small businesses in Larimer County are entitled to apply for economic injury disaster loans from the United States Small Business Administration. Larimer is one of several Colorado counties where businesses may qualify for loans due to severe drought conditions as declared by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The loansGo to Article

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