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Melissa enjoys the community association law arena because it affords an opportunity for her to work with a variety of people in various situations to develop real solutions to challenging problems. A licensed attorney since 1999, Melissa is passionate about rehabilitating the image of community associations. Melissa actively tweets about community association topics and practice pointers that will help develop, foster and promote successful associations. Melissa’s teaching and retail experiences have honed her people skills so she understands different approaches and communication styles that are needed to be an effective part of each association’s team.

B.A., University of Reno Nevada- 1996
Juris Doctorate, California Western School of Law- 1999

Professional Organizations:
Community Associations Institute- Since 2002
Community Associations Institute Rocky Mountain Chapter, HOA Council Chair- 2017 to Feb, 2019
Community Associations Institute Rocky Mountain Chapter, Northern Colorado Committee Chair – Feb, 2019 to Present
Community Associations Institute of Southern Colorado, Technology Committee Chair- 2017 to Present
Council of Community Association Professionals- 2018 to Present

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

3/3 – Peak 1 – Legal – Fort Collins

3/10 – Disinterested Board Members—How Do You Suck Them In?

3/26 – GREELEY CITY CLASS – Disinterested & Dysfunctional Board Members

4/2 – Do You Fear for Your Safety?

4/4 – GREELEY CITY CLASS – Xeric Landscape Conversions for Your Community?

7/23 – GREELEY CITY CLASS – Board Member Basics

8/26 – B 201: Advanced Board Member Training

9/24 – GREELEY CITY CLASS – Fifteen Common Mistakes Made at Annual Meetings

10/7 – Marijuana: Is it Still an Issue?

12/3 – Ask the Experts!

Recent Publications by Melissa M. Garcia

Looks like snow is coming this Thursday.  Yet I am still running around in shorts and sandals, and I definitely have not checked my tires yet!! With winter conditions right around the corner, it’s time for associations to review their snow removal contracts. So what should be included in these contracts?  Below is a checklist ofGo to Article

Tips for Community Association Insurance

Do you know whether your association has adequate insurance? Do you even know how to figure this out? Every community association needs to protect itself from various losses, claims, and liability exposure through a comprehensive insurance program. This article provides some tips to ensure you have adequate insurance: TIP 1: Know the primary sources ofGo to Resource

Frozen Pipes and Finger Pointing

  A wise person once said: “Never make snow angels in a dog park”. That is good advice. Another piece of good advice is to be prepared, this winter season, for frozen pipes and finger-pointing. When the temperatures plummet, condominiums and townhomes often experience frozen pipes and resulting water leaks.  When that happens, everyone startsGo to Resource

Right around this time of year, I start receiving calls and emails from board members and community association managers confused about what information needs to be disclosed to the owners. I’m not talking about information that needs to be disclosed in response to an owner’s request; I mean information that the association has the affirmativeGo to Article

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