Board members and managers serving community associations are confronted with a daunting list of obligations. These responsibilities include budgeting and financial issues; repair, maintenance and construction issues; legal interpretations, issues and disputes; planning, evaluation and policymaking; as well as devising information systems and governance procedures to fulfill all of these functions. This article provides aGo to Resource
Fidelity insurance protects the association in the event someone associated with the association takes the association’s money and runs.  Typically, fidelity insurance will provide coverage in cases of employee theft, theft of money and securities while on premises or in transit, forgery, fund transfer fraud, computer fraud, money order and counterfeit currency fraud, credit cardGo to Resource
Natural disasters come in many shapes and sizes.  It could be a tornado, a flood, Superstorm Sandy, or a wildfire.  Regardless of the type of disaster, the devastation and loss is often overwhelming.  Nothing can fully prepare someone to handle the emotional impact of a natural disaster.  However, with some thought and planning before aGo to Resource