Community associations have been scratching their heads as to the difference between service animals and emotional support animals. Federal law provides for the definition of service animals, but there is very little guidance when it comes to emotional support animals. This can be problematic for associations who may unknowingly be implementing discriminatory practices.Go to Resource
With housing availability and affordability at an all-time low and homeless populations at an all-time high, the issue of squatters in vacant properties is becoming more prevalent in association communities.  The news has published extreme cases in New York of squatters being treated as legitimate tenants under New York law with the actualGo to Resource
HOA Foreclosure Sale Bill Reviewed in Committee The HOA foreclosure sale bill, HB24-1158, was heard by the Transportation, Housing & Local Government Committee on February 27, 2024.  The recorded hearing is available on its website. Representative Ricks kicked off the hearing with a brief introduction of how the bill would build on HB22-1137Go to Resource
The number of laws proposed during the 2024 legislative season that affect the rights and responsibilities of homeowners associations leaves board members spoiled for choice as to which of the mounting problems or crises their associations face in the coming year they will be investing their emotional wherewithal. In an effort to alleviateGo to Resource
The Colorado legislature recently introduced SB24-134, a bill that requires associations to allow home businesses in your communities. The new law, as currently written requires associations to allow unit/lot owners to run a home business in the community, BUT Restrictions apply! To stay up to date on daily/weekly changes to the proposed bill,Go to Resource
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