If you need continuing education credits for your real estate license, look no further!  Altitude Community Education (“ACE”) is proud to announce it has been approved by DORA to offer continuing education credits for your real estate license.  We currently offer three full-day classes (providing eight credits per class) during various times of the yearGo to Article

When a Board becomes aware of a Public Trustee foreclosure proceeding, their first question is usually “What does this mean for us?” If the homeowner is delinquent in their assessments, then the Association has a lien against the property. Assuming it is the first mortgage foreclosing against that homeowner (as opposed to a second mortgage),Go to Article

By now, almost everyone has heard the news: HB1212 renewing community association manager licensing is no more! But why did Governor Polis veto the bill after all the work that went into it and the rigorous legislative process it underwent that ultimately resulted in a one-year extension of the licensing with a required stakeholder input?Go to Article

Late on Friday, Governor Polis vetoed HB 19-1212, effectively killing the manager licensure program.  After a hard fought battle in the legislature, we reported that HB 19-1212 had passed out of the Legislative Chambers with the goal of continuing the manager licensure program for one year, while creating a stakeholders committee to make recommendations forGo to Article