The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) has been the hot topic of discussion among HOA industry professionals, with many having concerns as to who will handle the registration process and updates.  But has this concern been for naught?    Possibly, as a federal court in Alabama has recently ruled that the CTA is unconstitutional. OnGo to Resource
In 2018, HB 18-1128 was passed to strengthen protections for consumer data privacy, which required any entity maintaining personal identifying information (“PII”) to adopt a written policy setting forth a process for the security and destruction of paper and electronic documents containing personal identifying information. Personal identifying information includes, but is not limitedGo to Resource
The Colorado Supreme Court recently issued a decision that significantly impacts common interest communities’ need to enforce contracts by filing a lawsuit or an arbitration proceeding.  This decision affects the timing considerations of when such proceedings must be filed. The deadlines measuring when lawsuits must be filed are known as “statutes of limitation”.Go to Resource
Introduced January 31, 2024 by Representative Naquetta Ricks, the proposed bill, HB24-1158, would severely hamper an HOA’s efforts to foreclose for unpaid assessments.  The bill proposes that prior to turning over a delinquent account to collections or to an attorney for legal action, an HOA must send a notice to the owner thatGo to Resource
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