In follow up to my blog on Monday, I have been advised by Marcia Waters of DORA that DORA is considering a request by CAI to consider the CMCA examination as an alternative to the general portion of the state exam.  DORA is evaluating the request including sitting for the exam to assess the content.  Whether DORA decides to authorize the CMCA exam as an alternative is not a given.  So, my characterization of “almost official” may have been an overreach.  Therefore, we recommend that managers continue planning to take the entire exam until further information becomes available.

3 responses to “Manager Licensing Update Part 2
  1. Education is never a waste. Considering the lack of education of those working “under” the managers, we feel it is important that everyone who effectively manages a community undergo the same education and testing. We embrace several schools / companies to deliver the education. That said, the education and testing must be universal.
  2. Is Altitude Community Law going to be offering classes and exam opportunities? If so, when?

    Thanks for the informative articles and follow up!!

  3. Does one have to take M-100 in order to take the CMCA exam? I think we all understand that the requirements are all in a state of flux at this time. I still happen to think that some consideration should be given for a certain number of years’ experience in the profession.
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