Yesterday DORA advised CAI that it had approved the CAI Colorado-specific M-100 class for the manager licensing educational prerequisite. This means that if you take and pass the CAI Colorado-specific M100 class, you will satisfy the educational prerequisite for manager licensing. You will not be required to obtain your CMCA designation.  Of course, obtaining your CMCA is still an achievement in the industry and shows that you have additional knowledge and skills to offer as a manager.   The Colorado-specific portions of the M100 class are being taught the following dates by Loura K. Sanchez or Elina Gilbert. You can register by following any of the links below:

February 18
March 18
May 13

3 responses to “DORA Approves CAI M100 Class
  1. Taking and passing the M100 Class only satisfies the prerequisite education portion of the manager licensing bill. If your on-site manager falls within the definition of “community manager” under the bill, then he/she will still need to take the manager licensing exam and pass it before July 1, 2015.
  2. Correct. If you have obtained a credential (CMCA, AMS, or PCAM) or have taken and passed the Colorado-specific M100, regardless of when you obtained the credential/passed the M100, you have already satisfied the prerequisite educational requirement.
  3. Went to check on DORA Site and did not see any updated information. Is this for real? If so, I’m happy!
    I passed my M-100, and now I can concentrate solely on passing the state portion! For sure later I will go and get my CMCA… I was sweating over all these tests. Big amount of pressure has been lifted. Thank you DORA!!!!
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