On February 17, the Lone Tree City Council will vote on an ordinance intended to encourage more condominium communities in Lone Tree.  The proposed ordinance removes an association’s right to a jury trial in a construction defect case and instead mandates arbitration. The proposed ordinance also attempts to take away the governance authority of boards by requiring a majority of all owners to approve construction defect litigation.  As we all know these types of restraints on associations do little more than make lawsuits virtually impossible, thereby giving shoddy developers an open door to building defective condominiums.  If you live in Lone Tree or if you care about the rights of your association we encourage you to contact the Lone Tree City Council Members to let them know your opinion and ask them to vote against the ordinance.

According to CAI-Rocky Mountain Chapter, the members contact information is as follows:

Jim Gunning, Lone Tree Mayor, 303-522-0520; [email protected]
Jackie Millet, Lone Tree Mayor Pro Tem, 303-748-2383; [email protected]
Harold Anderson, Lone Tree City Council Member, 303-799-3996; [email protected]
Kim Monson, Lone Tree City Council Member, 303-946-2975; [email protected]
Susan Squyer, Lone Tree City Council Member, 303-641-5996; [email protected]

Loura K. Sanchez, Esq.
One response to “Lone Tree City Council to Vote on Ordinance to Limit Association Rights
  1. We all know what’s really going on here. As usual, the deep pockets want to control the process. So, when all these protections are given to developers, what type of condominiums do you think they’re going to build? They certainly won’t be “affordable.” Yes, we do need housing for people who earn less-than-$100,000.00 per year. But what we’re going to get will be “luxury” condos that regular folks won’t be able to afford. Just like all the apartment buildings being constructed around town. Haven’t you noticed? They’re all being labeled “luxury apartments.” This is certainly not going to do anything to help relieve the housing squeeze. Pretty soon, regular people won’t have any place to live. Then what?
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