Yesterday, in a move that should not surprise anyone, HB 15-1040, the bill that was introduced to clean up the manager licensing bill, was killed in committee.   As originally introduced, the bill attempted to reduce or eliminate the requirements that the original bill put in place.  Introduced by Representative Thurlow of Grand Junction, HB15-1040 tried to make the manager requirements more palatable to western slope communities.  However, in reality, it did go too far.

With the official elimination of the first clean up bill, the way should be paved for the introduction of a new manager licensing clean up bill that focuses on the major questions and concerns with the current system.  We hope this new bill will be introduced shortly and will take a more moderate approach to addressing the manager licensing concerns.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this and all other bills introduced in 2015 on our legislative tracking chart.

David A. Firmin, Esq.
2 responses to “Manager Clean Up Bill Killed In Committee
  1. I don’t think any manager should be exempted from licensing. Unless the entire original legislation is repealed, anyone who manages should be required to be licensed. And we should not seek to create different strata of managers, with different requirements, tests, fees and licenses. Either we’re managers who have to comply with the law or not. Everyone should be treated the same. We all knew this legislation would add to the beauracracy and cost of managing communities. Now we must live with what we have wrought.
  2. I attended the boot camp in Grand Junction a little over one year ago and was fortunate to hear you speak on the legalities of the bills that are constantly being introduced and updated. For the most part they seem good for HOA’s but, are cumbersome and quadruple the paper work for us board members to pass out to our HOA members. Most people in the subdivision won’t read all of the policies, rules, CCR’s, bylaws etc. David Graff did an outstanding job at rewriting our documents and I felt that you or him (whoever was available at the time) would be worth the expense to get us up to speed. Could you put me on your mailing list? My name is Paul Pitton. email is… [email protected] Hope you get a chance to get on the ice once in a while to enjoy brushing up on your hockey skills.
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