Early yesterday CAI National issues a call to action regarding H.R. 4969, a bill that if passed could invalidate community association rules and architectural standards that govern the installation and use of amateur radio towers and antennas.  The bill as written would allow homeowners who want to install a radio tower or antenna for amateur radio use to do so without any architectural review approval and without following any of the associations existing guidelines.

5 responses to “CAI National Call to Action
  1. Itis unbelievable that anyone would consider allowing a homeowner to do this without thinking about his neighbors or his neighborhood. There is a reason people move into an HOA, I did it based on the rules and regulations, even though they dont always work for me, i was ok with them in the long run. This is absurd anyone would even consider this bill.
  2. I’ve learned in my life that the government (AKA The New World Order), through its various agencies, will always do what it likes, regardless of the wishes of the people. And this includes Congress, whose members certainly don’t give a hoot about people. Once a special-interest group brings a request, it will always end up being adopted. I recall our “calls to action” 20 years ago over the then-proposed satellite-dish regulations. It did NO good. Today, we see the result, which is exactly what we predicted it would be. I certainly cannot imagine how having all these dishes everywhere helps property values. So call yourselves to action, then sit back and watch your precations as they are ignored.
  3. The subject bill is a disaster for communities with multifamily buildings! Not only would these structures look horrible, they would damage common elements (building roofs, walls and railings). There is already a problem with satellite dishes that sprout all over roofs and railings. Amateur radio buffs need to submit any antenna or tower requirements through the community architectural review process, or find an industrial facility that can accommodate their equipment.
  4. If a city can limit signage because of the visual impact than a Homeowners Association must be able to limit what a homeowner can put on the roof or on the ground within in a neighborhood. These antennas which are a real eyesore. Associations cannot prevent antenna’s from being installed, now they want commercial sized and multiple antennas for a hobby? Seems to me that this is more of a commercial pursuit which should be restricted to commercial zoning. With the internet in place how can anyone argue they need to reach a station in China or whatever they claim they need to be able to communicate across the world.
    Whose rights are being violated and who are you protecting?
  5. This appears to me to be an outgrowth of one of the major problems with community associations: all covenants look the same (boilerplate) and committees adopt a ‘not here, either’ attitude. That creates the problem that there is literally nowhere (amongst in city new construction) for those with a different viewpoint to buy. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the ‘minimum necessary’ dimensions are, but my guess is that we are all going to learn as we rewrite our rules to limit antenna to that value.
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