We have learned that there is a scam being perpetuated on owners in community associations.  Owners are receiving a mailing which indicates that if they are paying HOA fees through a bill-pay service they should “pay particular attention to the remittance instructions.  Our remittance address for payments has changed and it is imperative that you update the bill pay instructions accordingly. The new remittance address is ….”

We recommend that you confirm whether there has been a change with your board or management company before you make any changes to your online payment instructions.

2 responses to “Don’t Be Caught By This Scam
  1. This is a piece that should be sent out by every HOA and management company to all owners to let them know that this scam is going on.
  2. Nice work if you can get it! My only question is “Why didn’t I think of this?” LOL. Seriously, though, thanks, Loura, for the warning. It would be up to us board members to keep an eye on such things, and to notify our constituents if we suspect something of this nature.
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