Here are some interesting stats about the manager licensing program so far:

  • Pass rate for test the is 75% generally and 85% for those individuals who hold some type of designation like a CMCA or PCAM;
  • There are 322 licensed management companies and 37 pending licenses;
  • DORA has issued licenses for 307 designated managers and has another
    53 pending;
  • There are 340 licensed managers working at management companies with another 145 pending applications;
  • There are 100 individual proprietor managers licensed as well as 30 pending applications;
  • DORA has issued 25 provisional and 20 apprentice licenses.

So, the good news is that the word is out and managers are getting licensed.  If someone is managing without a license and DORA receives a complaint or becomes aware of someone who is not licensed, it will issue a cease and desist letter and if it is not complied with, DORA will refer the matter to the Attorney General who will seek an injunction against the violator.

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