During the opening session at the CAI Mountain Conference, DORA officials spoke about the process that will be followed for complaints against licensed managers. Currently, DORA has received approximately 100 complaints and is handling those in the following general manner:

  1. verify DORA has jurisdiction over the nature of the complaint;
  2. contact the licensee and allow them time to respond to the complaint;
  3. assign the ‘case’ to an investigator to review the facts, talk to the licensee and complaining party and any witnesses;
  4. issue a report by the investigator and if a violation is found, the Director of DORA will review and decide on the appropriate penalties which can include additional education, admonition, diversion, fines, public censure, and suspension or revocation of a license.

So, the good news is that the word is out and managers are getting licensed.  If someone is managing without a license and DORA receives a complaint or becomes aware of someone who is not licensed, it will issue a cease and desist letter and if it is not complied with, DORA will refer the matter to the Attorney General who will seek an injunction against the violator.

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