Pamela Britton of River Valley Ranch Community spoke at the CAI Mountain Conference about creating community in associations. Her 3 broad recommendations are right on and work for any community no matter what size or location.

  1. Create a  Clear Vision. The board needs to know where the community is at currently, but also where it is going and what it can be. This means knowing who lives in your community and why they chose your community.  Pamela shared this quote by Wayne Gretsky as a guide to boards developing a vision. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is.”
  2. Abundant, excessive communication with residents. Some ideas include a website that is dynamic and functions like your residents expect and gives residents a reason to go to the website daily. Electronic Weekly newsletters is another idea where the “positive why” is the focus. Communication should also focus on being a ‘good neighbor’ and talking to each other to resolve issues.
  3. Create connections. Connections come from creating ways for people to connect through use of association amenities and common areas. And maybe even a ‘helping hand’ violations practice that allows volunteers to help residents who may need assistance in correcting a violation of the rules.

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