Insurance—Does Your Community Have Gaps in Coverage?

By: Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. In all the years I’ve been practicing law, and particularly HOA law, there is one thing I learned for certain: Most people hate insurance.  Why?  Because insurance documents are difficult to understand and confuse many who attempt interpretation of them.  Thank goodness boards and managers have insurance professionals to relyGo to Resource

Hoarding & Marijuana…What’s an Association to do?

While seemingly dissimilar in nature, hoarding and marijuana have similar impacts on community associations. In addition to risks experienced by first responders responding to emergency calls, health problems include falls or accidents in the unit, clutter, garbage, animal or human feces, and the resulting mold or infestation can also cause respiratory and other health problemsGo to Resource

CCIOA Insurance Requirements

Insurance is a necessary component of proper community association governance and risk management. All community associations are vulnerable to the loss of property and finances.  Board members have a fiduciary duty to protect association assets.  The association’s insurance program is a key component for asset protection.  How can a board of directors determine the particularGo to Resource