Natural disasters come in many shapes and sizes.  It could be a tornado, a flood, Superstorm Sandy, or a wildfire.  Regardless of the type of disaster, the devastation and loss is often overwhelming.  Nothing can fully prepare someone to handle the emotional impact of a natural disaster.  However, with some thought and planning before aGo to Resource
DEALING WITH THE DISRUPTIVE OWNER–“AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION” There is nothing an association can do in advance that will guarantee it will not have to cope with a disruptive owner.  However, an association can do things that will make it less likely a disruptive owner will surface and that such an owner’s disruptive tactics willGo to Resource

Fire! Fire!

As the first round of wild fires is coming to a close, associations should take this brief breather to establish plans and procedures to address these emergency situations. Associations are in a unique position to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to fires and other natural disasters when they have plans and procedures inGo to Resource
The Windsor Beacon recently announced that conditional use grants (“CUGs”) may soon be allowed for E-1 estate lots of three or more acres in the Town of Windsor.  CUGs are intended to allow consideration of uses which are unique in nature or character, although not specifically included as uses by right in any specific zoningGo to Resource
Is your association complying with CCIOA’s owner education requirement?  If you responded with “what owner education requirement?” read on! Section 209.7 of CCIOA, which was added in 2005 by our old friend Senate Bill 100, requires associations to provide owners with education, at least annually, pertaining to the “general operations of the association and theGo to Resource