Why Do Boards Hide? Transparency Doesn’t Bite

Why are there so many laws requiring HOA boards to conduct business in the open? How do you think that we have ended up with laws in Colorado that require open meetings, liberal records review rights, homeowner input and alternative dispute resolution policies, as well as annual disclosures and responsible governance policies? It is becauseGo to Resource

Using your Experts

As a board member, you take on a number of important obligations for your community.  You try to complete each of them to the best of your ability.  However, what do you do when the situation is beyond the scope of your knowledge? How about unpopular decisions that you know will be challenged by theGo to Resource

Tips for Helping You Understand Your Association’s Governing Documents

Many day to day questions facing board members, managers and homeowners are easily answered in the association’s governing documents. But understanding your governing documents can be a daunting task and may, at times, seem overwhelming. This article provides tips on how to help you understand your governing documents and what information is contained in eachGo to Resource

The Role of Today’s HOA Board of Directors

To be effective, a homeowners association needs a strong board of directors that understands its role and pursues it with passion and a concise mission in mind. The following outline provides an overview of board roles and responsibilities. To form an effective board, directors must have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses ofGo to Resource

SWOT Analysis: An Excellent Tool for Association Planning

As the complexities associated with governing homeowners associations continue to grow, boards of associations are quickly learning that taking time to plan two to five years in advance is an excellent investment of time and resources.  Planning now for the future can set your association on the right course, save your association time, money andGo to Resource
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