Options for Dealing with AWOL Developer-Controlled Boards

In the last few years the economic downturn has hit community associations in many forms.  We have seen more and more developers filing bankruptcy or otherwise leaving communities in the lurch.  One fallout is that at times, the developer still sits on the board and the period of declarant control has not expired, but theGo to Resource

Optimizing Committees in Association Governance

A common question from HOA boards is whether it is appropriate or prudent to use committees as a tool in the governance of associations.  The answer is: yes, committees can be an excellent resource if they are harnessed appropriately.  However, if committees are not organized or do not operate effectively – they can become aGo to Resource

New Member Orientation

Community association managers and board members are often troubled by how ill-prepared new members are for community life. New members who are inexperienced about life in community associations may have a hard time adjusting and may cause a variety of legal problems. Educating them might be your best defense. Many new members come from privateGo to Resource

Minutes of Association Meetings and Board Meetings

All actions by the Association’s members and the board of directors should be evidenced by resolutions adopted by the members or the board of directors. The resolutions should be contained in the minutes of actual meetings, or in written consents, with voting of each participant indicated, in lieu of actual meetings. Any action by membersGo to Resource

Developing Community Spirit

Homeowner associations are the perfect vehicle for transforming neighbors into friends and for creating community loyalty, responsibility, and empowerment.  These are important traits for a community to cultivate because they will lead to strong, cohesive, and ultimately happier communities.  In order to develop these traits in your community consider incorporating a few of the followingGo to Resource
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