volunteersshiningstarEarly this month, Loura was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for her work on the Community Next: 2020 and Beyond project.  This project explored the future of community associations and developed this report.  The report suggests ways that we can impact community associations of the future through things we do today.  Congratulations to Loura on her award.

3 responses to “Loura K. Sanchez Receives Outstanding Volunteer Service Award from CAI National
  1. Loura,
    Congratulations on working towards and recognizing the FUTURE. The Management industry is just now getting the professional positions and education it has needed for so long. It is now an industry that will serve many young people as a job, work even a career!
    Homeowners Associations have used and abused property managers for a long time and some property managers have been equally abusive. Now with licensing laws and education, there is a protection offered to both parties in contract form.
    However, some HOA Boards are now “self-managing” as in, “unpaid (uneducated) Volunteers with or without Members approval. It appears that Property Managers have their license to protect and will not take part in discriminations, elder abuse, false statements, illegal fines and harassments that some Boards are guilty of…in secret.

    I believe Property Managers are being discriminated against because they have to be State licensed, for a great deal of money, educational requirements for more money, background checked, investigated, heavily insured, and are completely financially liable for HOA Funds.

    HOA Boards are not liable for anything. They are not educated in the same manner. They are not licensed in any manner. But, they manage MILLIONS/BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Homeowners property and investments.

    Loura, PLEASE continue to look at the future and make HOA Boards get out of the management business OR make them get the same licenses as others! Or, it is discrimination!
    Constance Rohrer

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