As the 2011 Legislative Session hits it’s third month, we know a lot more about what bills are likely to become law.  Specifically, the following bills that may impact Colorado’s community association industry continue moving toward passage (most of these bills in their current form would not be negative, but could still change industry practices if they become law):

  • HB 11-1023, the Foreclosure Deferment Program bill, has been signed by the Governor
  • HB 11-1124, the Metro District Conflict of Interest bill, has passed the House
  • HB 11-1095, the Secretary of State Identify Theft bill, has passed the House

Several bills that could have negatively impacted Colorado’s community association industry have been postponed indefinitely:

The following bills have been amended so they would not be negative to associations.  They also continue moving through the legislature:

  • SB 11-013, the Restorative Mediation bill
  • HB 11-1110, the Senior Residential Community Good Governance bill
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