As the saying goes, “Every vote counts” and this year is no different.  With October ushering in the 4th quarter, it’s time for Associations to  begin the task of preparing for their annual meeting.  What should be included on the agenda?  Who’s going to run for the board?  How do you encourage owner participation?  If  your association has a hard time getting enough participation in order to conduct an annual meeting below are some tips to make the process go smoother and hopefully avoid having to hold a second meeting:

  • Publicize the meeting in multiple places (e.g., newsletters, website, social media, flyers)
  • Include a proxy and ballot with the mailing that goes out to owners
  • Consider the use of online voting
  • Create some type of prize for attending (e.g., drawing for a gift card for a local restaurant)

One more tip, make sure to thank the board members for their time and accomplishments.  Studies show that volunteers who feel appreciated are more likely to continue to volunteer as well as encourage others to participate.

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