In a recent story on Fox News 31, a board president apparently issued a “no comment” statement when contacted by the reporter.  What would you do if contacted by a reporter?  Given the amount of negative publicity surrounding associations your first response might be “no comment” as well.  However, with a little planning and forethought, you might have an opportunity turn negative publicity into positive or at least factually correct publicity.  When contacted by a reporter the best course of action is to follow a few upfront steps:

  1. Don’t answer questions “on the fly.”
  2. Do ask the reporter when is your deadline?
  3. Ask the reporter when can I call you back?
  4. Ask who else is being interviewed?
  5. Develop key message then call the reporter back.

For more details on how to deal with the media see our article entitled “Disruptive Owners and the HOA; Dealing with Government; and Dealing with the Media.”

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