In a “sweep” done by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources many associations have been cited for environmental violations that could lead to contamination of water sources within the State.  In some situations the cases were referred to the state’s Attorney General because of the seriousness of the violation.  The associations who were cited operateGo to Article

Enforcement of the Red Flags Rule (RFR) begins December 31, 2010.   RFR requires “creditors” with “covered accounts” to implement programs to identify, detect, and respond to patterns, practices or specific activities that could indicate identity theft. Does your association need to comply? The RFR provides that creditors who handle accounts with a reasonable foreseeable riskGo to Article

Recently, several major national lenders have responded to the so-called “Robo-signer” scandal by announcing either freezes or new procedures relating to foreclosures in various states, including Colorado. The impact of this national scandal may be somewhat mitigated by Colorado’s status as the lone state that utilizes the public trustee system. Even so, the effects ofGo to Article

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