Does your community conduct straw polls of owners to determine if community consensus exists on a particular issue?  If so, be very careful of possible political ramifications if the straw poll results are not followed by the board.    Failure to follow and adhere to straw poll results came back to haunt the Sunflower board (in Arizona) in May of this year.  The Sunflower board conducted a straw poll of owners to see if a “pickleball” court should be constructed on common area.  After the proposal failed with 426 residents voting against and 306 residents voting in favor of the proposal, the board nevertheless signed the $65,000 contract to have the court constructed.  Many owners did not take kindly to this decision (even though the board had a legal right to enter into such contract), and when all was said and done, the directors ended up resigning.  Moral of the story:  if you’re going to ask owners for their input, it is a politically wise idea to follow the majority consensus.

Elina B. Gilbert
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