If you Google “Natural Disasters 2011” you will get a shockingly long list of catastrophes that have occurred throughout the world in 2011. In the US, 1024 tornadoes alone have been confirmed to date….and we haven’t even reached the middle of the year yet.

Any type of individual property damage can be devastating, but when dealing with a natural disaster that affects an entire community, you’re facing a whole new level of chaos. Take what’s been dubbed as the April “Good Friday” tornado that carved a 22-mile track of destruction through St. Louis: Thankfully the St. Louis condo community in the foregoing article was not damaged, and the residents were reassured by their disaster preparedness plan.

Does your HOA have a disaster plan in place? What do community associations need to do to prepare themselves for a natural disaster? You can’t predict the impact it will have on your community, but having a plan in place is one of the best things you can do to help your residents and community.

For some tips see “Preparing for Emergencies page“, on CAI’s website.  And, if you’d like some assistance drafting a disaster plan, please contact us.

Melissa M. Garcia
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