The City of Thornton recently instituted a Stage 2 drought warning, which places watering restrictions on residents in the City of Thornton.  What does this mean for associations in the City of Thornton?  Can those associations still send violation letters and/or fine for dead lawns?  Colorado law says that associations can take enforcement action against an owner who allows his or her existing landscaping to die, UNLESS there are watering restrictions in place.  If there are watering restrictions in place, such as those in Thornton, associations must suspend enforcement actions against owners whose landscaping dies as a result of complying with the regulations.  So, if the owner is watering as much as he can pursuant to the watering restrictions, and his lawn dies, the association can’t enforce.  However, an owner can’t stop watering completely and let his lawn die and be immune from enforcement.

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  1. I use the neighboring lots as the standard. If the surrounding neighbors can achieve a healthy landscape under the same restrictions then there is no reason why the offending lot can’t also achieve the same results.
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