We have been asked to make a report available online that would allow you to see the history of closed maters.  It is NOW available.  Below is snapshot of the screen. Just choose the “Closed Collection Status” or “Closed Covenant Status” option and you can select any date range you would like.

We hope this makes your life just a bit easier.

4 responses to “Status Reports for Closed Matters Now Available
  1. I start by apologizing. I chose “Closed Collection Status” and “Closed Covenant Status” and nothing happened. Is this database populated? I shall try again.
    Thank you
  2. I chose collection status and closed collection status and nothing happened. I was using Chrome as a browser. I’m sure this would be a handy tool, but doesn’t appear to be working???
  3. The email you received is a photo of the improved Status Report function of our website. If you need help logging into Status Reports on our website, please call our office at 303.432.9999.
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