The Senate Commerce Committee is set to address the Amateur Radio Parity Act (S. 1685) today. This bill, as drafted, would have the following impact on community associations: 

  • Community associations would not be able to require prior approval or have uniform rules for installation of HAM radio towers and antennas.
  • Community associations would lose the right to apply a critical approval process to ensure compliance with community architectural standards, including safety and aesthetic guidelines.
  • All community association standards for determining installation of HAM radio towers and antennas will be replaced by the Federal Communications Commission’s “reasonable accommodation” standard that mandates installation of HAM radio towers and antennas with no prior approval and no safety certification or restrictions.

Bottom line is that S. 1685, as drafted, would circumvent your community association’s right to enforce the “look and feel” standards that you, as members, signed on for when purchasing your home.

It is important to contact Senator Gardner TODAY to let him know you oppose S. 1685 as drafted.

One response to “Senate Committee to Act on Amateur Radio Parity Act Today
  1. Nuts! I am completely in favor of S.1685.

    Ham operators are, quite rightly governed by FCC rules, just as private pilots are governed by the FAA. The major difference is that while we cannot be required to accommodate a landing field in our HOA neighborhood, we can find compelling reasons to permit and encourage ham radio operations.

    Ham operators can be a literal lifeblood in any catastrophic event, whether natural or terrorist initiated. We must not try to limit the allowances given by the federal rules for operators — we may too soon need the services that can uniquely (and freely and kindly) provided by ham radio operators.

    Please remember the remarkable services given by ham operators following 9/11. When other communications networks were overwhelmed by volume of traffic, ham operators made it possible for people to learn of the safety of loved-ones, status of homes and communities, and offer life saving goods and services.

    Please let your legislators know that you are in favor of this bill!

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