A service animal, as opposed to an assistance animal, requires training and certification; until now, there have only been two types of animals that qualified as service animals:  dogs and miniature horses/ponies.   But as of April 1, 2022, another animal has been determined to qualify as a service animal: The Moose!

“Although big and bulky, the Moose has been found to be extremely intelligent and helpful to its owner when trained properly,” said Dr. R. U. Serious. Dr. Serious is the foremost expert on animal training in the United States and is solely responsible for the designation of the miniature horse as a service animal.  According to Dr. Serious, “we recently discovered that Moose are actually quite capable of assisting humans with daily tasks, such as walking, seeing, and even hearing.”

Despite this new designation, some government officials are not happy.  Representative I. M. Schittz is adamantly opposed to this designation claiming Moose are too big and clumsy to live inside human residences.  According to Representative Schittz, “Moose are unsanitary and have gigantic poops. Can you imagine the odor coming from a condominium unit housing a Moose?”

But most do not agree with Rep. Schittz. When random people on the street were asked about the new service animal designation, most seemed excited.  “I’ve been wanting a Moose for the longest time, and now I can go Moose-back riding anytime I want,” said one random person on the street.  Another individual commented as follows: “It’s about time the Moose was recognized for its true potential!”

Regardless of which position you support, don’t be surprised if you start seeing more Moose on the streets, in stores, and at the airport.


P.S. April Fool!!


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