State and Federal Fair Housing designated protected classes overlap quite a bit, but Colorado Fair Housing laws have always boasted a few extra protected classes, including the most recent one: HOA Board Members.

According to Representative Want T. Serve, “it’s time to protect the underdog! HOA Board Members are one of the most disliked classes of people, outside of attorneys and they deserve protection before they all go extinct!” Long before this legislation was even introduced, Mr. Serve started a support group for HOA Board Members called “Directors Are People Too” and served on many HOA Boards himself, including his current community, Morning-Wood Estates.

But not everyone agrees with Mr. Serve. For example, Senator I. Hate Hoas was part of the minority that voted against the new protected class. According to Ms. Hoas, “community associations suck; board members suck; and anyone associated with community associations sucks . . . especially the lawyers!” As can be seen from the voting results, the legislature did not find Ms. Hoas’ argument compelling.

Regardless of which position you support, you better start being careful how you treat those HOA Board Members!

p.s. April Fool!

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