How the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project May Impact Your Association

The Colorado Civil Access Pilot Program (“CCAPP”) significantly impacts timelines associated with service, disclosures, pleadings and discovery in District Court litigation.  CCAPP also impacts the scope of discovery and limits the use of experts at trial.  CCAPP was designed with the goal of streamlining litigation so that costs are kept at a minimum and casesGo to Resource

Tax Liens on Common Areas

With more and more developers going bankrupt and pulling out of partially constructed residential projects, we are seeing more and more instances of common area tracts, or tracts that are intended to become common areas in the future, being encumbered by tax liens where the developer owner has failed to pay property taxes on suchGo to Resource

Mediation Concepts and Uses

This article provides a brief overview of mediation concepts and uses. Mediation is a powerful and creative dispute resolution process. Associations should consider mediation as an alternative approach for resolving certain disputes that arise in their communities. Mediation is an informal process where a neutral third party helps the disputing parties to negotiate a mutuallyGo to Resource

How to Avoid the “Mechanic’s Lien”

One of the most annoying things that can happen to an association is to have a mechanic’s lien filed against association property.  The lien, until the lienor is paid, can block the sale of every unit in the association.  An association may pay a contractor in full and still have a mechanic’s lien filed ifGo to Resource

Homeowner Suits Against Community Associations

The relationship between a homeowner and their community association has been increasingly defined in litigation in recent years, due to the rapid growth of common interest communities and the issues being presented to the courts.  The community association is usually an incorporated entity operating under corporate nonprofit status.  The community association was created by theGo to Resource
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