Law Suit First Aid: What an HOA Must Do When Sued

Associations should seek to avoid disputes and lawsuits wherever possible through effective communications, fair dispute resolution practices and good governance. But in our litigious society, it is a fact of life that lawsuits are filed by, and against community associations. When the Association is on the receiving end of a lawsuit, there can be veryGo to Resource

Protecting Your Association From Mechanics’ Liens

In the current economic climate, collection of assessments may not be the only financial issue facing associations.  In recent months, we have seen an increase in the filing of mechanics liens against associations. The most common scenario we see, does not result from the association not paying a contractor.  Rather, the association pays its contractor,Go to Resource

A Twelve Step Process to Address Discrimination Complaints

We have noticed an increased filing of Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) Complaints in the past year.  These complaints can be costly and rather embarrassing if not properly addressed in the early stages of an investigation by the Colorado Civil Rights Division.  Typically, the complaints allege discriminatory practices for failure to provide a reasonable accommodationGo to Resource

Do You Trust Me?

A major component to achieving success at trial is gaining credibility with the judge and jury.  While there are many actions you can take at trial, you really gain your credibility before the lawsuit is even filed.  Adhere to the following five points and your credibility with a judge or jury will likely soar. FollowGo to Resource

WHOOPS!- Slips and Falls (Why Homeowners Or Other People Sue)

Associations have legal responsibilities under the governing documents and through common law to take reasonable steps to exercise reasonable care to protect against dangers of which the Association actually knew or should have known. There are several common sense risk management strategies associations can take to minimize the chance of a personal injury claim byGo to Resource
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